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who our customers and partners are

Our many customers in the USA include:
NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre;
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory;
California Institute of Technology;
University of Massachusetts;
University of Pennsylvania;
University of Minnesota;
University of Chicago;
University of Illinois;
Princeton University;
Cornell University;
Duke University;
University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford;
Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago;
NIST, Colorado;
Fermilab, Chicago;
Photon Spot, Colorado
UK customers include:
The Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge;
University of London (Queen Mary & Westfield College, Imperial College),
University of Sheffield;
University of Cardiff;
Jodrell Bank (University of Manchester)
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Rest of the World includes:
University of Rome, 'La Sapienza'
Arcetri Observatory, Florence;
ESTEC, Netherlands
SRON,   Netherlands

Max Planck Institute, Bonn
Purple Mountain Observatory, China
Lethbridge University, Canada
McGill University, Canada
University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban
KRISS Institute, South Korea
Griffiths University, Brisbane
Supracon GmbH, Jena
Chase Research Cryogenics is involved in development projects with a number of companies manufacturing complementary technologies, for example:

QMCI Ltd  

Entropy Cryogenics GMBH