Cool to below 1 Kelvin
Low-cost, easy to operate, reliable and effective. Our 1K cryocoolers interface to either a mechanical (GM/PT) precooler or the 4K plate of a 'wet' dewar. We can offer a number of interfacing options to accommodate a cold table housing the end-user application. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.
Popular applications for these cryocoolers coolers include quantum computing, superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs), superconducting electronics and semiconductor wafer testing. You won't find a simpler way to reach temperatures below 1K.

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Cool to below 0.3 Kelvin
Gram per gram, Helium 3 is the world's most expensive substance. CRC's gas-light sub-Kelvin crycoolers have been designed to make the best possible use of this scarce resource. By buffering the ultra-cold stage with either one or two intermediate stages, we reduce the heat load on the ultra-cold head and hence lower the running temperature and lengthen the run time. As sealed, closed cycle systems, no helium gas is consumed during operation and our units never need to be recharged or re-filled. Our latest design, the 300mK continuous cooler, even offers unlimited run time.

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Cool to below 0.1 Kelvin
Cool to the max by using the latent heat of enthalpy produced as liquid Helium 3 dissolves in liquid Helium 4. Once again, our protoype dilution coolers are compact, closed cycle units that need no external gas supply and will never need to be refilled with expensive Helium 3. We are now offering miniature dilution coolers with continuous operation, using our 300mK continuous cooler to buffer the dilution module. If you are interested in the potential applications for this cooling technology, get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how we might help. 

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