Interfacing your CRC cryocooler to the 4K plate of a Pulse Tube (PT) or Gifford-McMahon (GM) precooler  
Our cryocoolers need to be interfaced to a cooling platform at 4K within a host cryostat. The interfacing can be designed to suit your particular application, with the CRC cryocooler positioned either on- or off-axis from the PT/GM head. Our standard 1K cryocoolers will run with mechanical precoolers having cooling power as low as 100mW at 4K. If your application requires vibration isolation the CRC cryocooler will need a separate mechanical support structure and a flexible thermal linkage to the precooler's 4K stage.

Mounting radially on the precooler head
  • Useful for large experimental tables in a large host cryostat
  • The circular interfacing plate can be customized to suit the particular needs of your application.
Mounting axially on the precooler head
  • Useful for small experimental tables in a small host cryostat
  • The interfacing mount doubles as a radiation shield for the cryocooler pumps, improving cryocooler performance.
  • Mounting directly on the precooler head
  • Fewer thermal boundaries make this a desirable option where vibration isolation is not important
  • The  mainplate of the cryocooler can be custom-designed for your application
  • Interfacing your CRC cryocooler to the 4K plate of a wet dewar cooled with liquid cryogens  
    Custom-shape mainplate and full radiation shield stand
    • The shape of the mainplate can be optimised to provide the maximum space for the end-user's experiment
    • The hole pattern in the mainplate can be designed to provide flexible use in different cryostats
    Separate radiation shield and supports
  • Radiation shielding of the pumps is provided by a shield that simply bolts to the cryocooler main plate
  • Additional stainless steel struts support the cryocooler
  • The cryocooler can be moved and placed in different positions to make best use of the available space in the cryostat
  • Folded designs to sit directly on the 4K plate
  • For use in cryostats with limited working height, our cryocooler designs can be 'folded' to reduce the overall height
  • Tell us the space you have available and we can optimise our design to fit within it
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