CRC coolers and associated products are in use in many leading research applications in astronomy and materials science. Major projects making use of our instruments include:

Selected publications referencing CRC products include:
A Continuous 100-mK Helium-Light Cooling System for MUSCAT on the LMT
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A passive terahertz video camera based on lumped element kinetic inductance detectors 
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Modifying a Commercial FTS for Operation at Cryogenic Temperature
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Note: Sub-Kelvin refrigeration with dry-coolers on a rotating system 
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BICEP3 performance overview and planned Keck Array upgrade.
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POLOCAM: a millimeter wavelength cryogenic polarimeter prototype for MUSIC-POL
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Design and Expected Performance of GISMO-2, a Two Color Millimeter Camera for the IRAM 30 m Telescope 
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Thermal architecture of the Clover cryostats 
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